Powerful Automation Solutions

MSP Toolshed provides automated solutions for standard and custom endpoint configurations.

A suite of powerful tools that you customize for your needs.

Imagine the potential of automated solutions.

We’ve outlined the most popular features of MSP Toolshed below. Attend a live demo to see the full power of the product.

OneTouch Deployments

The easiest way to start a dynamic deployment solutions process on a brand new piece of equipment. Choose from:

Fully or Mostly Automated: Plug a USB drive into the machine and reboot; or, select from multiple deployment scenarios and hit enter.

No Touch: Drop ship computers directly to a client. Provide them with a USB stick to provision the machine.​

Learn more about OneTouch Deployments

automated solutions
automated solutions

Advanced Automated Naming Rules

Automatically name computers based on criteria you set up in advance.

This feature is extremely flexible!

  • Text
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Serial Number
  • Auto-Increment Based on Existing Computers

WebStart Deployments

WebStart handles the installation of software and Windows settings by running through the  configuration files you created on a customizable website.

Client Onboarding: Your client self-services with WebStart to get their machine up and running.

BYOD or Machine Transfer: Setup or reconfigure a machine using the WebStart deployment process.

Custom Scenarios: Use the WebStart MSI in a  scenario such as imaging, deploying via your RMM, group policy, etc.

automated solutions
automated solutions

Nested Profiles

Keep it simple by grouping common software titles and Windows settings, then nesting the profile into your Client or 
Department profiles.

Your standard items will be applied consistently, allowing you to scrap that checklist for every build!

Install Scripting

Select multiple software install options from multiple sources such as the MSP Toolshed script repository, the Chocolatey Community repository, and/or your own custom installers library.

You can also run Automate scripts through your ConnectWise Automate account.

Check out our article on using Install Scripts with MSP Toolshed.

configuration features
automated solutions

Build Notifications

Configure custom notifications so your technicians and end users know the setup is in progress and when it’s complete.

Read about Build Notifications.

Custom Installers

MSP Toolshed can deploy any MSI or EXE file as part of the setup process. For example, you might want to add a RMM or backup agent, antivirus, security agent, and/or licensed software.

configuration features
configuration features

PowerShell Script

Easily import your own PowerShell script and run it during a deployment. (Premier Plan only)

Check out our article on utilizing PowerShell with Automate Remote Monitoring.

Chassis Filter

Use a single Configuration Profile for laptops and desktops by leveraging our Chassis Filter feature, which ensures software and scripts are run only on the type of machine that is being deployed.

configuration features
configuration features

Security Features

We collect minimal Personally Identifiable information (PII) and ensure your information is safe in our application and billing systems.

Read the details in our Security article.

Dark Mode

A favorite of IT pros looking at screens all day, our Dark Mode setting is easy on the eyes.

configuration features

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