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We created MSP Toolshed to make machine deployments more profitable and more efficient. Through the beauty of automated solutions, MSP Toolshed allows you to build standard and custom endpoint configurations within one intuitive dashboard. Join the other MSPs who are billing the usual rate for machine deployments that take a fraction of the time.

automated solutions

The Future of Automated Solutions is Here

Enjoy the best configuration features available

OneTouch Deploy

The easiest way to start a dynamic deployment solutions process on a brand new piece of equipment.  Choose from:

    • Fully Automated – Plug a USB drive into the machine, boot, and hit enter. That’s it!


    • Mostly Automated – Put multiple deployment scenarios on a single USB, plug the USB drive into the machine, boot, select the proper deployment solutions, and hit enter. That’s it!


  • No Touch! – Dropship computers directly to a client, no need to build it in-house. Give the office manager or end-user a USB stick that they insert to get the machine provisioned.
automated solutions
deployment solutions

Advanced Automated Naming Rules

Automatically name computers based on criteria you set up in advance.

Extremely Flexible

  • Text
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Serial Number
  • Auto-Increment Based on Existing
  • Agent Numbers

EZDeploy Utility

EZDeploy lets you leverage the power of your custom software configuration settings on new machines. This powerful tool handles the installation of all the software titles by running through the specified configuration profiles you create.

  • Attended Install: If you don’t use OneTouch, EZDeploy is just as easy. Click next, next, next on a new Windows machine to get to the desktop, run the EZDeploy utility, choose a configuration profile, set the machine name, and click “Configure”.
  • Unattended Install: Image your machine with your favorite imaging tool and include our command-line EZDeploy tool with an encrypted password and just pass the Automate location ID.

EZDeploy will do the rest by installing the software profile of your choosing, including updating the machine to the latest patch versions and rebooting. You can walk away, without having to watch the software install.

Finally, when it’s done, it will email you to let you know the machine is ready to be deployed to the end-user.

automated solutions
deployment solutions

Nested Profiles

Keep it simple and create only master profiles with nested groups to fit your needs. You can take use case profiles, such as “minimal” or “developer” profiles, and create more complex or client-specific profiles. Have the nested profiles automate your special client builds while keeping the same install and naming standards. It really is that easy!

Install Scripting

With MSP Toolshed, you can select multiple software install options from multiple sources, including the MSP Toolshed script repository-based, the Chocolatey Community repository and your own RMM Script repository. Save time and take on the installation process your way!

configuration features
configuration features

Profile Filter

Build one software profile for multiple machine types by using the filter feature. Create an easy-to-manage client profile, including software titles specifically designed for laptops. This state-of-the-art filter allows you to install specific software titles based on the machine type: desktop or laptop. Select your option with ease when creating or modifying the profile!

windows deployment
windows deployment

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