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How Much Does MSP Toolshed Cost?

We offer a variety of cost options on MSP Toolshed. Enjoy a month-to-month agreement with each price plan and cancel anytime!

  • Starter – $149
  • Professional – $249
  • Premier – $399
How Long is the Free Trial?

Sign up and take advantage of a 30-day free trial to unlock access to all MSP Toolshed’s features and functions. Get in, get it set up and start deploying. After 30-days, your subscription automatically kicks in to keep you using the tool without interruption.

What is One Touch Deploy?

MSP Toolshed’s OneTouch feature is the easiest way to start a dynamic deployment process on a brand-new piece of equipment. This feature will start by automatically configuring Microsoft Windows with your preferences and continue by triggering all your software installs.

MSP Toolshed will then install Microsoft Windows security and feature updates, patching the computer and keeping it secure.

Unbox the computer, boot off USB stick and GO. Yes, it’s this easy:

  1. Remove the machine from the box
  2. Plug it in
  3. Insert the USB stick
  4. Boot it up
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. MSP Toolshed EZDeploy does the rest
What RMM integrations does MSP Toolshed have?

MSP Toolshed 2.0 is entirely cloud-based and features a stand-alone utility that allows for automated machine setups and more.

We started with a ConnectWise AutomateTM integration and have continued to build that function in 2.0, but now through our built in scripting tools you can leverage and install other RMM agents if they support silent install and configuration.

Look forward to deeper RMMs and new PSAs integrations coming soon.

How Does WebStart Work?

This powerful tool will allow you to set up existing or preconfigured Microsoft Windows machines that boots to the desktop. You can even run WebStart via a graphic method allowing for your end-users to start their own approved deployments and dynamic machine setups.

Secured with a PIN code, WebStart will never run without authorization.

Use WebStart to reconfigure, repurpose or reset an existing machine for new users or fully onboard your new clients onboarding by installing your specific tool stack, security software and monitoring tools.

Now with branding capability to put your logo and information directly into the tool.

Can MSP Toolshed Join Active Directory Remotely?
Yes, but currently it only works if you are using an Automate Agent installed on the domain controller to join.

Not using Automate? Don’t worry, we’re working on other scripting and Azure AD integrations.

What’s the Commitment?

MSP Toolshed is available month-to-month so if you stop your subscription it will be active until the next monthly renewal period. But why would you ever want to go back to setting up machines manually? Do you suddenly have too much time on your hands? Are your new margins on machine setups too good?

Where Does Stack Advisors Come In?

Stack Advisors is a leading service provider for global MSPs, ISVs, and IT service companies. Our robust offerings include consulting, management, mentoring and integration services. We’ve worked with the ConnectWise Business Suite of products for more than two decades.

Technology and skills finally met at the right place and the Stack Advisors team set out to solve the problem every MSP faces with efficiently setting up machines and making a profit.

We are proud to bring MSP Toolshed to our colleagues in the ITSP space and innovate a tool with the purpose of continuing to fuel business success.

To learn more about MSP Toolshed and our other services, visit stackadvisors.com.

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