What is MSP Toolshed?

MSP Toolshed is developed by MSP automation experts. The first of many modules: Configuration Manager is designed to save hours of time and improve setup consistency by automating your Windows endpoint configurations. Automate your machine setup process for only $299/month.

Save Hours on Machine Setups

Completely eliminate manual machine setup and reduce the time you spend by over 80% using powerful and easy automation. Unpack it, boot it up, walk away!

Customizable to Each of Your Clients

Automatically deploy a pre-configured ConnectWise Automate Agent, remotely join the machine to the appropriate Active Directory, and assign a unique software profile to that client.

No More Reinstalling Software

Monitor endpoints to ensure the software you installed stays installed. Report on problems or auto-remediate to reinstall the missing programs.

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Core Features

Configuration Manager brings a dynamic set of automatic machine setup tools, making it the first ready to go deployment solution ever created on the platform.

NEW! OneTouch

Fully Automated – Plug a USB drive into the machine, boot and hit enter.  That’s it!


Mostly Automated – Put multiple deployment scenarios on a single USB, Plug the USB drive into the machine, boot, select the proper deployment and hit enter.  That’s it!

No Touch! – Drop ship computers directly to a client, no need to build it in house.  Give the Office Manager or user a USB stick that they insert to get the machine provisioned.


Watch it in action!

NEW! Automated Naming Rules

Automatically name computers based on your criteria that are set up in advance.

Extremely Flexible

  • Text
  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Serial Number
  • Auto-Increment based on existing agent numbers


Watch it in action!

Attended Install

MSP Toolshed - EZDeploy

Unattended Install

EZDeploy Command Line

EZDeploy Utility

EZDeploy lets you leverage the power of your custom software configuration settings on new machines. This powerful tool handles both the installation and assignment of the Automate agent and automatically install software titles by running through the specified configuration Profiles.

Attended Install:  Just click next, next, next on a new Windows machine to get to the desktop, run the EZDeploy utility, fill in your Automate server information, choose a configuration Profile, set the machine name and click “Configure”.

Unattended Install:  Image your machine with your favorite imaging tool and include our command-line EZDeploy tool with an encrypted password and just pass the Automate location ID.

EZDeploy will do the rest by installing the software profile of your choosing including patching the machine to the latest patch versions and rebooting. You can walk away, grab a coffee, lunch or have a celebratory drink because you saved hours of time having to watch software install.

Finally, when it’s done, it will email you to let you know the machine is ready to be deployed to the end user.

Remotely Join Active Directory

Included with Configuration Manager is a utility to remotely join the machine to the client’s Active Directory domain.

You read that correctly. Join an Active Directory off-network without a VPN and stop having to join the machine when you take it on-site for deployment.

Customizable Software Profiles for Every Client

Our Profile Builder in Configuration Manager uses name-based software selection to create scripting and automatically install the software you select. You can either have unique profile for every client or select from existing profiles. You can even nest a special profile under any client for the Owner’s specific software needs.

Profiles are easy to create with the included search, drag and drop, and powerful Import Function allowing you to create a profile from an existing machine inventory. Imagine being able to build the machine once, create a Profile and deploy that same configuration at will.

Monitor Machines for Profile Compliance

One of the most powerful functions of Configuration Manager is the ability to monitor endpoints for compliance with the assigned software profile.

Be alerted with our monitoring when something goes missing. Leverage the built-in auto-remediation to reinstall software under that profile.

If you make changes to a profile or assign a machine a new profile, Configuration Manager takes over and remediates anything missing upon the next compliance check.

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More reasons to use Stack Advisors' MSP Toolshed Configuration Manager

3 Hours

Saved with every setup

Over 19,000

Successful Desktop Deployments


Billable dollars saved for every use.


Pays for itself on the first use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Configuration Manager is as amazing as it sounds, but here are answers to the most common questions we get.

MSP Toolshed is $299 per month for unlimited machine deployments, remote Active Directory joins without a VPN, Compliance Monitoring, and Active Directory Deployment with only a month-to-month agreement.  Cancel anytime!

Yes!  We offer a limited use trial which will allow you to experience all of the features and functions of the MSP Toolshed.  It will allow you to use our EZDeploy tool 5 times and allows your team to explore the features for 45-days.

To get started, just go here.

MSP Toolshed’s OneTouch feature will change the way you deploy machines. This feature is so easy you can deploy a new machine with one click. It is this easy:

  1. Unbox the machine
  2. Plug it in
  3. Insert the USB stick
  4. Boot it up
  5. Click “Continue”
  6. MSP Toolshed EZDeploy does the rest

Yes, we do live demos of MSP Toolshed multiple times a week. Just click on Live Demo to pick a time and register.

Right now MSP Toolshed Configuration Manager only works with ConnectWise Automate to perform automated machine setups.


We have plans to bring this amazing software installation and automation tool to other platforms in the future.

EZDeploy is an amazing little utility. All you need to do is to run it on a fresh Windows installation, enter some basic credentials to connect to your ConnectWise Automate Server then chose the Client, Location and Software Profile for the new machine. You can even update the computer name.


After clicking “Configure” the tool does the rest. It will install the ConnectWise Automate Agent automatically associate the new computer with the proper Client and Location, and then begin software installation based on the profile you selected.


Plus, if you have selected for that machine to be joined to the Client’s domain, Configuration Manager will remotely join that machine to the proper domain.


You’ll spend more time taking the new computer out of the box than you will on setup!

Yes, it does.


All that is required is the client must have a domain, there must be an Automate Agent installed on the domain controller and you need to have the option to automatically join the domain in the Profile. That’s it.


We can’t tell you exactly how we do it as that would spoil the magic.

This is an incredibly powerful tool at an amazing price. There are no limits on how many times you can run the EZDeploy utility or how many machines you monitor. It’s all included in the price!


Currently, our subscriptions are month-to-month. If you decide you want to suffer by setting up machines manually, you can cancel your subscription and use it until the next renewal period.


If you are still not sure this amazing tool is right for you, sign up for an MSP Toolshed trial. Try it and you’ll want to subscribe. Of course, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

We believe in constant innovation. Configuration Manager is the first of many MSP Toolshed modules to come. At Stack Advisors, we thrive on automation and all the planned additions will expand your automation!


OneTouch Deploy was a big one, and we’re excited to see it live. We have plenty of updates coming, including exclusive access to Advanced Scripts, install from Chocolately packages, full cloud-based operation, Automated bloatware removal, GPO policy compliance, and yes, even User Profile Migration.

MSP Toolshed is the first product launched by the minds at Stack Advisors.


We’ve been working with the ConnectWise Business Suite of products including Manage, Automate, Control and Sell for well over a decade. Our team provides an array of Consulting, Management, Mentoring and Integration services to MSPs, ISVs, and IT Service Companies around the globe.


If you’re interested in any of these other services, please head over to stackadvisors.com

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