Introducing a Better
Way for MSPs to Handle IT Automation Services & Machine Deployments

Save money and time with the best IT automation services and machine deployment tool around.

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Fully Customized

Create as many software setup profiles as needed. Choose between a master profile or a profile for each client. Take advantage of easy-to-use tools that allow you to configure software profiles the way you want to.

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Save Time

Start running deployments in less than 10 minutes and save your team time with software installations by completing deployments in less than an hour.

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Rapid Recovery

Never again spend hours of recovery time from a compromised machine. Run the dynamic setup on an existing desktop and perform an automated reset on the compromised machine. Wave bye-bye to lengthy recovery tickets!

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What is MSP Toolshed?

As a managed services provider, you’re bound to seek out the best technology for MSPs in order to gain a competitive edge. But when you’re ready to truly take it to the next level, it’s time to invest in IT automation solutions that can save you time and money while reducing the risk of human error.

MSP Toolshed automates your machine setup through pre-configured software bundles, also known as configuration profiles. By drawing from our extensive content library, you can configure as many profiles as you’d like — with the added bonus of being able to customize profiles with your RMM scripts. Then reuse your profiles for fast, uniform and efficient builds every time.


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Thoughtful, User-Friendly Automation Designed for MSPs

We created MSP Toolshed to make machine deployments more profitable and more efficient. Through the beauty of IT automation, MSP Toolshed allows you to build standard and custom endpoint configurations within one intuitive dashboard. Enjoy these features.

automated machine

Flexible Deployment Options

Automate new computers from the OOBE with OneTouch or use WebStart to configure existing machines from the desktop.

automated machine

Advanced Naming Rules

Automatically name computers based on your criteria that are set up in advance.

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Custom Installers

Easily add MSI’s or EXE’s for your RMM, BDR, AV or Line of Business app to your Configuration Profiles using our Custom Installer feature.

MSP automation

Nested Profiles

Keep it simple and create only master profiles with nested groups to fit your needs.

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Join Active Directory

Leverage your RMM tool to remotely join the machine to the client’s Active Directory domain.

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Profile Filter

Create easy-to-manage client profiles. Build one software profile for multiple machine types by using the filter feature.

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